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Forex Strategies - How to Choose the succsessful one

 Which are the winning forex strategies?
   When you join the forex market, the strategy is pivotal to your trading success. In order not to turn your trade into a game of poker, you will need rules to follow. This way, you will be clear when to buy and when to sell. We can help you master the best forex strategies according to your individual trading style.
     Therefore, the best strategy is the one that fits your personality. Some traders prefer to enter into short-term trades often, while others prefer long-term strategies in which they hold open positions for days, weeks, and possibly months. We offer 11 proven trading strategies suitable for any trader in our professional, fully practical online forex course ...

 Forex Market Analysis -Which forex market analysis is the best?

1. Technical analysis;
2. Fundamental analysis;
   The eternal dilemma of all traders is whether the forex strategy should comply with the fundamental principles or technical analysis. The dispute can continue indefinitely, but the truth is that there is no right answer.
   Some will answer that it is technical, others - fundamental analysis. But as you know, going to war is about being armed, and the more armed you are, the greater your chances of survival. Here is the same - You need both analyses, both technical and fundamental. We will assist you by providing you with our weekly technical analysis... of the forex market.

What is Fundamental analysis

    The fundamental analysis is whether a particular currency will rise or fall in price based on macroeconomic news about it - economic growth, unemployment, inflation, basic interest rates, gross domestic product, but also political risks related to the country, which uses the given currency as a means of payment.
    If you do not have the relevant basic economic knowledge, you may not be able to distinguish the important news from the less important.
  We will teach you how to properly analyze macroeconomic news in a professional, fully practical online forex training ...


    When choosing a forex strategy, it is imperative that you develop your overall forex trading plan for the market. Strategy is only the first step of a trading plan. The other steps are rules for managing risk (money management), determining the right time for trading, building a trading psychology.
        Even the best forex strategies will not make you successful unless you know how to manage your money, how to get the most out of a profitable trade, or how to control yourself so that you can trade effectively and adequately.
      Forex Training Bulgaria provides you with a professional trading plan in a fully practical online forex training ...